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Quality Garage Door openers in Sydney

Quality innovation means efficient design. Complement your garage with the most reliable garage door openers available for your Sydney home or office. Autolift offers a range of quality brands and products and can offer a complete installation service for maximum convenience.

Benefits of an automatic door opener

With many manual roller doors, gaining entry is much too easy for intruders, meaning the entire safety of your home or business is at risk. Investing in an automatic garage door with an accompanying opener for your Sydney property will ensure you have security for your family and vehicle. Another advantage is the convenience that comes with having a door that can be opened and closed at the touch of the button. No more breaking your back doing all the hard work yourself and no more time-consuming trips back and forth from the car just so you can park. Having an automatic opener is also a lifesaver for those times when it’s the end of the world outside and just that short trip to jump out of your car and throw open up the garage will get you soaked.

We provide our superior products for both domestic and commercial locations such as car park doors and more.

Our range of garage openers


Sectional Door Openers
Designed to deliver smooth and reliable operation of your Overhead Sectional Door at the touch of a button. Browse our range or contact us to find out which option is right for you.


Automatic Industrial Doors Opener
For the right opener for your B&D industrial door, B&D provide quality solutions from industry leader, Automatic Technologies.


Positioned conveniently to the side of your rolling door, our range uses TriTran+ technology to ensure secure and reliable operation of the door for any sized garage for years to come.


Axess Pro 1101

The Axess® Pro Series has earned a deserved reputation for sheer reliability in automating industrial and commercial overhead doors. This opener often outlasts the entrance it drives.