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Automatic Industrial Door Opener

Our Industrial Door Opener range, designed and engineered in Australia define the future of automation by using the latest technology, processes and production methods to make garage doors and gates smart, simple and secure.

Industrial Door Opener


The GDO-10 Toro is a feature rich easy-to-use and versatile “one box” solution for commercial and light industrial garage doors.

  • Suitable for rolling doors up to 28m2
  • Built in battery back up
  • Wall mounted control panel with LCD screen
  • Soft start/soft stop operation
  • TrioCode™ receiver intergrated as standard
  • Super quiet operation

TrioCode™ is a revolutionary new coding system that provides enhanced reliability and security. Increasingly, the transmitters on garage doors are jammed by wireless and cordless devices in the owner’s or a neighbouring home, usually when both units compete for the same frequency. TrioCode overcomes this challenge by simultaneously transmitting on three different frequencies. Even if two frequencies are jammed, the TrioCode™ transmitter will still operate your garage doors and gates.

Industrial Door Opener Accessories For Garage Doors

Inductive Loop Detector
An inductive loop detector senses when the magnetic field is disrupted by a vehicle and activates the door. The loop detector is suitable in commercial situations where a trigger is required for entry/exit without the need for security authorisation.

PG-3 Programmer
The PG-3 Programmer provides a higher level of diagnostic and maintenance functionality, including special mode access, backup of transmitters and more. Comes with custom designed hard case for durability.

TrioCode™ Keyring Transmitters
Each of these transmitter’s four buttons can operate a separate function or opener, allowing access to multiple sites from one convenient unit. Best of all, TrioCode™ technology ensures this transmitter works every time.

TrioCode™ Wireless Keypad
An ideal solution where secured access is required, for instance delivery drivers of out-of-hours staff, the weatherproof wireless keypad allows access without a transmitter. With back lit numbers for day or night use, multiple users can have unique codes for specific door and gate access.

PE Safety Beams
Protect your family and your car with the PE Safety Beams. As soon as an object or person moves through the invisible safety beam the door will stop or reverse to avert serious damage being done.