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Commercial aluminium sectional doors – Heavy duty aluminium doors suitable for use in commercial and high rise residential applications and are available in a number of formats including security mesh, slatted, bar panels, louvre sectional, minimesh and louvred.

Security mesh sectional aluminium garage doors

Where free airflow through your garage area is required, the Sectional provides just that. The expanded aluminium mesh panel provides both security and ventilation of approximately 75%.

Horizontal slatted sectional aluminium garage doors

Whilst still providing approx. 40% of ventilation this model is also able to provide a sleek modern look to your basement carpark area.

Bar panel sectional aluminium garage doors

Using 25mm round rods through a 50×50’s frame this model is able to provide up to 80% ventilation.

Louvre sectional aluminium garage doors

Louvre sectional aluminium garage door is able to provide approximately 25% airflow whilst still limiting the ability to see in through the door.

Minimesh sectional aluminium garage doors

Minimesh sheeting provides excellent security benefits while still allowing light and ventilation. The specifications of Minimesh are as follows: 1.6mm thick aluminum with 3.25 diameter holes with a 5.59mm pitch. This gives a 30% open area. The frame is 2.8mm thick heavy duty extruded aluminum.

Louvred sectional aluminium garage doors

The Louvre model is extremely strong and secure with a modern architectural look. Its ability to provide privacy for what is inside and still allow approximately 30% ventilation make it the door of choice on many modern developments.