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Don’t Get Cluttered – Get a Basement Box™

Is your garage becoming a storage wasteland? If you’re running out of room for everything, including your car, you need the Basement Box™.

Autolift’s Basement Box can provide extra storage space in your garage, carport area, office car park, industrial unit or basement car park. Whether you’re a business trying to increase onsite storage or just an over-cluttered family, we have the solution for you.

You Can’t Beat Box Storage

The Basement Box isn’t just another garage storage solution. This over-bonnet storage has a range of features that help it to complement your other storage, partition cages.

Designed to fit over your bonnet, this relocatable storage box leaves plenty of room for your car while storing away extra possessions. In this way, it creates double the space for your garage or car park. The over-bonnet design also means you don’t restrict services such as plumbing, pipes and sprinklers.

Basement Boxes can’t be beaten because they are:

  • Strong and secure – featuring 3-way locking with a flush fitting handle and Circle Pin Tumbler Lock
  • Easily accessible – never reach or strain for your storage again
  • Long lasting – made from durable steel with powder-coated front, sides, and legs
  • Non-flammable and fire resistant – fire safe design and construction
  • Relocatable – its flat-pack design allows for easy relocation and height adjustment
  • Adjustable leg heights – made to suit 4WDs or sedans, with legs that can be adjusted to any height at any time
  • Warranty – 10-year structural warranty on sheet metal components and 5 years on moving components (Lock, Gas Struts)
  • Autolift guarantee – Basement Box can be supplied and installed by an Autolift technician or self-assembled (2 people and basic tools required)

Custom Made to Match Your Needs

Autolift can custom-make your storage box in any size using our V-Line Zincalume or Welded Mesh storage options.

Zincalume above Bonnet Storage Box 

Affordability and discretion combine in this garage storage solution. Made from Bluescope Zincalume Sheet on a Duragal RHS steel welded frame, this Basement Box hides away all your clutter from view. Access the box using two outward swinging doors and use a side bolt to close it. The Zincalume option is perfect for complete neatness and privacy and can be made to any size. It conceals your precious possessions and creates a greater sense of space.

Welded Mesh above Bonnet Storage Cage 

If you would prefer the convenience of seeing where your possessions are stored, choose a welded mesh storage cage. This Basement Box is made from 50 x 75 x 3 mm galvanised welded mesh. This is combined with a Duragal RHS steel frame for a sturdy, trustworthy design. Perfect for basement car parks and wherever ventilation and fire regulations are essential, this Basement Box can also be custom made to any size.

Learn More

Both of these storage options are perfect for your bike but you could also invest in a tailored bike locker. For more information on any of our products and services, call 1300 305 544 or contact us online.

Basement Box Dimensions

Inside Basement Box

Basement Box

Zincalume Above Bonnet Storage Box

Welded Mesh Above Bonnet Storage Cages

Welded Mesh Above Bonnet Storage Cages