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Basement Entry Doors

Commercial Aluminium Garage Doors

Sectional Garage Doors – Heavy duty aluminium sectional basement entry doors suitable for use in commercial and high rise residential applications and are available in a number of formats including security mesh, slatted, bar panels, louvre mesh, minimesh and louvred. The frame is made from a heavy duty commercial grade 3.7mm thick interlocking extruded aluminium:

  • Security Mesh Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors: Where free airflow through your garage area is required, the Sectional provides just that. The expanded aluminium mesh panel provides both security and ventilation of approximately 75%.
  • Horizontal Slatted Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors-whilst still providing approx. 40% of ventilation this model is also able to provide a sleek modern look to your basement carpark area.
  • Bar Panel Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors-using 25mm round rods through a 50×50’s frame this model is able to provide up to 80% ventilation.
  • Louvre-Mesh Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors: Louvremesh Sectional is able to provide approximately 25% airflow whilst still limiting the ability to see in through the door.
  • Minimesh Sectional Aluminium Garage Doors-Minimesh sheeting provides excellent security benefits while still allowing light and ventilation. The specifications of Minimesh are as follows: 1.6mm thick aluminum with 3.25 diameter holes with a 5.59mm pitch. This gives a 30% open area.

Louvred Garage Doors – The Louvre sectional model is extremely strong and secure with a modern architectural look. Its ability to provide privacy for what is inside and still allow approximately 30% ventilation make it the door of choice on many modern developments.
Commercial Roller Shutters – For maximum security combined with stylish looks aluminium roller shutters are the answer. Constructed from interlocking aluminium slats with an integrated bottom rail these shutters can be supplied with manual or automated operation and are available with full or part perforation.

Steel Main Entry Shutters

Heavy Duty Steel Shutters – For use in large industrial projects and high usage cycle areas. All shutters to be made using 1 mm thick steel and installed with a heavy duty chain drive opener. All shutters are manufactured with plastic end clips and can be wind rated. Slats may be 100 or 75 mil wide and most shutters will be made with springs unless the application requires heavy duty cycling in which case springs may not be the optimal solution. Our heavy duty steel shutters can be perforated to allow the free flow of air through the car park entrance.

Aluminium Garage Doors

Aluminium Security Mesh

Basement Entry Doors


Slatted 40 x 16 with 25mm spacing

Flat Panel & Acrylic

Louvre Sectional Aluminium Garage Door

Aluminium Louvred

Slatted 65 x 16mm with 60mm spacing

Steel Perforated Shutter