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Autolift Colorbond® and Zincalume tilt doors are ideally suited for all types of multi car parking residential and commercial buildings including town houses, apartment buildings, multi level residential apartment blocks and commercial buildings. The advantages of a Colorbond® tilt door is that it is costs effective, easy to use and can be installed with extremely low headroom which is often an issue in car parks where space is at a premium.Tilt doors can be installed using two different styles of hardware; jamb type hardware and track type hardware.

  • Tilt  Door Jamb – Type hardware is the lowest priced way to have an easy opening garage door. The garage door projects outside the line of the open position. Apart from being inexpensive, Jamp-Type Hardware fits doors into as little as 25mm headroom above the doorway. Brick-side fixing also requires no timber and no side room.
  • With Tilt Door Track – Type hardware the door fully retracts into the garage when in the open position and when closed the door is fully jamb weather sealed. Track-Type Hardware fits doors with as little as 50mm headroom above the doorway, and 75mm for wide or heavy doors. Track-Type Hardware requires a 75×50 mm  steel jambs on each side of the door regardless of width and is more suited for heavy duty applications or heavier doors.

The look of your tilt door will depend on your application but Autolift can produce a complete range of tilt doors to suit all applications and tilt doors can be produced in the full range of Colorbond® colours.

Deluxe® Range

The Autolift deluxe range of tilt garage doors are both stylish and secure and come in a complete range of Colorbond® colours and is the ideal combination of strength, security and aesthetic appeal. Engineered using the latest roll-forming technologies, this door significantly increases the security of the basement lock up garage. Often the forgotten feature of a multi dwelling development, this garage door will also significantly improve the appearance and marketability of your basement car park.This range has proven to be the premier choice for superior strength and appearance.

V-Line Range

As tilt garage doors are predominately used in basement car parks, factors such as ventilation, strength, security and appearance are important. In a world of choice, we have endeavoured to cover all possible needs with its diverse and innovative product range. The V-Line tilt garage door has successfully serviced basement car parks for over 20 years.

Part perforated

Part perforated tilt garage doors are best suited to enclosed environments not subject to weather but without external ventilation. The part perforation usually at the bottom of the tilt garage door will allow for ventilation without impacting on aesthetics, security and privacy. The can also be supplied in the complete range of Colorbond® colours and can be automated individually or integrated with a main entry door.

Solid Colorbond Tilt Garage Doors

Solid Colorbond® tilt garage doors are made from colorbond steel on a steel frame and are slightly heavier and more secure than a perforated tilt garage door and are usually used for individual garage spaces in a low rise building or a small block of apartments. Colorbond® tilt garage doors can be made in any of the standard Colorbond® colours and are usually individually automated but can be integrated into a total car park solution. Colorbond® tilt garage doors are both practical and resilient and provide secure parking and can be weather sealed to protect from environmental conditions.

Fully Perforated

Autolift welded mesh or perforated tilt garage doors are lightweight, cost effective and secure and do not interfere with the flow of water or the movement of air making ensuring that they do not impact on existing fire safety systems. The non intrusive nature of welded mesh partitions and tilt garage doors make them well suited for large multi storey car parks in large residential blocks.

Tilt Doors

Deluxe Solid

Deluxe Perforated and Solid

Deluxe Perforated and Solid

V-Line Top 450mm Perforated

Fully Perforated V-Line Tilt Garage Door

Fully Perforated V-Line Tilt Garage Door

Solid V-Line and Cage

V-Line Perforated with Mesh Cage