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Bike Lockers and Storage for Home or Business Premises

Sydney is a city on the move and cycling is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport. In fact, bicycle counters on Sydney Harbour Bridge alone recorded a 133% increase in bike traffic in 4 years.

If bicycles are your preferred mode of transport or you operate a business, commercial garage or car park, consider our bike lockers and storage solutions. Our bike storage solutions are available in four different designs that are perfect for garage storage. With vertical, horizontal, tapered and double bike lockers, we’re sure to have an option that suits you.

If you’re looking for a more versatile storage solution for your garage or car park, consider an Autolift Basement Box. You can also click here for our complete car park services.

Choose Your Bike Storage Solution 

Get in touch with Autolift Garage Doors and Gates or call 1300 305 544. We’ll get back to you with a perfect solution for your bicycle storage, or check out our full bike locker brochure here.

Vertical Bike Lockers

Vertical Bike Locker Photo – no background

Size: 2050 (H) × 1200 (D) × 770 (W)
Material: 1.2mm natural galvanize steel
Option: Powdercoat  colour
Details: These bike lockers are preassembled and installed onsite by Autolift technicians. Each bike locker comes with a 3-point locking system and a hook for hanging bikes. Want to personalise your garage storage? Choose from one of our powder-coated colour options.

Horizontal Bike Lockers

Horizontal Bike Locker

Size: 1270 (H) × 1850 (D) × 750 (W)
Material: 1.2mm natural galvanize steel
Option: Powdercoat colour
Details: If you would prefer a horizontal bike box, choose these lockers. Pre-assembled and installed with the same great locking system  and colour options, these lockers make a great home for your bike.

Tapered Bike Lockers

Tapered Bike Locker

Size: 1250 (H) × 1850 (D) × 950 (W/Front) × 300 (W/Rear)
Material: 1.2mm natural galvanize steel
Option: Powdercoat colour
Details: Tapered bike lockers are a great space-saving solution for your garage storage in Sydney. Fit your bike into a specific space without sacrificing security or style. The standard locking system and colour options are available, with a trusted Autolift technician pre-assembling and installing your bike storage.

Double Bike Locker

Double Locker – no background

Size: 1270 (H) × 1850 (D) × 1020 (W)
Material: 1.2mm natural galvanize steel
Option: Powdercoat colour
Details: Double the storage spaces, double the bikes, double the convenience. As always, all double bike lockers are pre-assembled and installed onsite by Autolift technicians, finished with 3-point locking and your choice of colours.