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Automatic Gates

Autolift is able to manufacture a range of automatic gates in either aluminium or steel, using a custom design or one of our standard designs. Gates can be manufactured to operate as either swing or sliding gates and can be used in either residential, commercial or industrial applications.The first choice you will need to make is whether to have a sliding or a swing gate

Sliding gates

Sliding gates are the most popular style of automatic gate in Australia due to the fact that most are used in urban environments to secure a car park or car parking area from the street. This may be in a residential, commercial or industrial application and may be to cover a single or multi-lane entrance.

The sliding gate will need to run on a track and needs an even surface to run on, although a slight incline can be dealt with. It will also require a length the same size to slide into. These gates are simple to maintain and are also very aesthetically pleasing. Automatic gates should always be installed with battery backup so there is no inconvenience during a power failure.

Swing gates

These can be either single leaf with a ram attached to the centre, or double leaf with a ram attached to each leaf.  These designs are used where there is no space to accommodate the length of gate in the open position or on uneven surfaces.

Swing gates are also often used when a more ornamental style is required particularly at the end of a long driveway or a grand entrance to an official residence. They work well in a residential setting, and when used alongside our electric garage doors they provide the ultimate in convenience.The next choice you will need to make is the design of the gate and the material used to manufacture it.

Aluminium gates

These are the most common types of gates used today. They are lightweight and durable and highly resistant to corrosion and can be coated to enhance their strength and durability. Aluminium gates are widely used in commercial and residential houses and estates.

Aluminium gates can be painted any colour to complement the design and colour of a home, and can be designed to aesthetically match the overall look of the property. They can also be made to match our range of automatic garage doors and shop front doors.

Steel gates

These are generally more suited to a commercial or industrial environment as they are heavier and more secure. The main advantage of steel is physical strength and security, although in some cases people find the authenticity of steel aesthetically appealing.

Steel gates, due to their weight, are usually used in sliding gate applications – although for narrower entrances they may be installed as swing gates with either one or two leaves. Sliding steel gates are especially good for wide entrances and can be coated to improve rust resistance and painted to suit surrounding aesthetics.

In addition to our range of quality gates, we also sell exterior doors for domestic, commercial and industrial applications. From shop front doors through to electric/automatic garage doors, we are a one-stop shop for Sydney residents. For more information, contact us today on 1300 305 544.

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