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Custom Solid Storage Areas

Stylish & Modern

The V-Line enclosure is one of our solid storage areas providing a neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing look and feel to the basement. Messy unattractive cages with all sorts of items in full view are all hidden away behind a neat uniformed wall.

Adaptable & Functional

All storage enclosures are custom built to exactly suit our customers requirements and site specific conditions. Our welded SHS frame allows us to easily build our walls to suit the surrounding pipes, ducts, beams and other services. As we are a Sydney based local manufacturer we can easily adapt our delivery and installation to your site needs.


As a premium product to our welded mesh range of storage solutions the cost is remarkably affordable. Depending on enclosure size and layout, the V-Line storage enclosure generally only costs 20% more than a standard welded mesh storage cage.

Secure & Strong

Our V-Line Storage Enclosures are built with unrivaled strength. All walls are clad on top of a fully welded SHS frame. The solid walls keep all valuables out of site and provide complete privacy.

Solid Storage Areas
Solid Storage Areas
Solid Storage Areas