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Residential Roller Garage Doors



Australian for ‘Garage Door’ since 1956, Roll-A-Door® makes coming and going from home a breeze for millions of Australians. When you buy a B&D Roll-A-Door, you’re buying an Australian icon. Backed by engineering excellence, quality and thorough testing, B&D Roll-A-Doors are tough, secure roller doors designed to protect what matters most to you. Australia’s most popular roller door includes the top of the line in design, styling and features.



A Firmadoor garage door delivers the best in value at an affordable price. Each door is custom made with a range of features that deliver affordable strength and durability. Firmadoor® delivers the best in value at an affordable price and will enhance your home without breaking the budget.



Rollmasta® is the ideal choice if you are looking for a good quality rolling door at a budget price. Rollmasta® doors are strong, secure and attractive and represent tremendous value for money. Includes Weatherseal with deep cushioning. Springs are tested to 15,000 open and close cycles. Rollmasta Single is now available with the following extras: Lock Kit and Centre Lift Handle. Our budget Rollmasta® door is also available in a double size. The Rollmasta® is still strong and good value for money, and like the single door Rollmasta® includes Weatherseal with deep cushioning.