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Only Choose the Best Car Park Doors

No matter the size of the project, we’re up for the challenge. Autolift is the market leader in Sydney for complete underground car park solutions. These include partitions and cages, perforated tilt and sectional doors, and aluminium entry doors. The implementation of complex automation solutions caters for multiple vehicle entries for the main entrance and provides security for individual parking spaces.

Basement Entry Parking Doors

We can provide a comprehensive range of aluminium and steel basement entry doors to suit your specifications.

  • Commercial aluminium sectional entry doors – Heavy duty aluminium doors suitable for use in commercial and high-rise residential applications. Available in a number of formats including, security mesh, slatted, bar panels, louvre mesh, minimesh and louvred.
  • Perforated Steel car park roller shutters – All shutters are made using 1 mm thick steel and installed with a heavy-duty chain drive opener. Slats may be 100 or 75 mm wide and most shutters will be made with springs unless the application requires heavy duty cycling, in which case springs may not be the optimal solution.

Colorbond Tilt Doors

We offer a complete range of perforated, solid or mesh tilt doors for use in underground vehicle parking. Turn any parking space in a shared parking garage into a secure private parking and storage facility. Autolift has led the market for the conversion of open car parking garages into localised secure facilities and can supply everything from a single space to a complete area without impacting fire regulations or inconveniencing neighbours.

Custom Solid Storage Areas

Autolift solid storage areas offer a high class secure product to protect individuals belongings, whilst giving the basement an aesthetically pleasing look.

Partitions and Cages

Welded mesh cages and partitions can be manufactured and installed to separate commercial or car parking areas, or provide a secure, lockable area in a basement or warehouse.

Basement Boxes

Autolift Basement Box solutions can provide extra storage space in a small garage or carport area, office parking spaces, industrial unit or basement parking.

Integrated Openers

Autolift is able to offer integrated opener solutions where a single handset can be used for a common main entry door and a unique secure single car space which means that you can use your car space conveniently without getting out of your vehicle.

Download our car park solutions brochure.

Sectional Garage Door

Security/Mini Mesh Panel Sectional Garage Door

Car Park Doors

Fully Perforated V-Line Tilt Garage Door


Welded Mesh Storage Cages