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Residential Tilt Garage Doors

Tilt garage doors have a single solid one piece tilting panel and pivoting arms at both sides of the garage door opening. The tilt door operates by the pivoting arms raising the tilting panel upwards and outwards until it rests against the garage ceiling. Tilt garage doors can be clad with just about any material. Although most doors installed in houses today are sectional overhead garage doors there are still times when tilt door is the ideal solution for your home.

Advantages of tilt doors are

  • Retrofit – if you have an existing tilt door and you wish to replace your garage door then it is often easiest to replace your tilt door with a tilt door. Existing fittings and structures can usually be reused and it will be both cost efficient and convenient. This does not however limit your design options and your new tilt door can be modern and stylish and can also be automated.
  • Low Headroom – a tilt door can be designed go much closer the ceiling then most other garage doors which makes it ideally suited to very low headroom garages often found in older homes. This means there is more space for a higher car or a car with roof racks which makes your garage more versatile and usable.
  • Flexibility of designTilt garage doors are the most flexible of all garage doors in terms of design. They can be made of almost any material including plywood, natural timber, perspex, alucobond, steel and aluminium and can be slatted or solid and decorated with embossments. A tilt door can also have windows and may be solid or semi transparent or fully transparent. A tilt door really allows you to design whatever you want as the facade for your home.

Autolift have a standard range of tilt door designs but can also custom manufacture any tilt door design that you or your architect specifies.