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Residential Garage Doors

Colorbond Panelift Doors

  • Seville Panelift garage door – Sleek modern symmetrical lines equally spaced and aesthetically pleasing to the eye – our most popular garage door which looks good with any style of house. Available in a wide range of finishes and Colorbond colours including Knotwood and Luxe Design.
  • Grange Panelift garage door – An American style garage door made with equally spaced symmetrically styled rectangular embossments and a smooth or wood grain finish for those looking to emulate a country environment. Available in a wide range of finishes and with optional windows.
  • Statesman Panelift garage door – A British manor style garage door made with equally spaced symmetrical square embossments and a smooth or woodgrain finish to complement a modern or traditional house with a traditional ambience. Available in a wide range of finishes and with optional windows
  • Nullabor Panelift garage door – A flat panel available either embossed or with smooth finish to provide the simplest and cleanest look for your garage door. Available in a wide range of finishes  and Colorbond colours.
  • Windows for Panelift garage doors – For that extra special finishing touch, create a striking entrance to your home with a window feature. For garages prone to dampness, ventilated window options are also available. Your Autolift sales representative will be more than happy to discuss the full range of window options available to you.
  • Colorbond Colour Range – All garage doors are available in the complete range of Colorbond colours or if you prefer, your door can be painted any colour that you may choose from the Dulux Powdercoat colour range.

Timber Garage doors

  • Timber sectional garage doors – Experience the natural beauty of timber with a custom made timber sectional door. These doors are manufactured from premium Western Red Cedar and are available in a variety of fully finished stain colours or you can choose to have them supplied in their natural state allowing you to choose your own colour and seal finish.
  • Timber tilt garage doors – Tilt doors manufactured from timber can be left natural or painted in any colour that you choose to match or contrast the rest of your house. Embossments can be used to give the door a more traditional style or the door can be left as a smooth finish for a more modern look.

Garage Roller Doors

  • Colorbond roller garage doors – our garage roller doors combine a unique profile with Colorbond steel making them some of the strongest, quietest and most reliable garage doors available and are used by shed manufacturers, commercial, industrial and residential home builders throughout Australia. All garage roller doors are available in the complete range of Colorbond colours.

Automatic Gates

  • Automatic gates – we manufacture and install a comprehensive range of automatic gates including sliding and swing gates made from timber, aluminium and steel in a solid, slatted, and perforated or rail configuration. We can also advise and help you to design a customised gate to your personal specification.

Colorbond® Sectional Garage Doors

Timber Sectional Garage Door

B&D Roll-a-Door

Tilt-a-Door Vertical Timber

Alpolic Sectional Garage Door

Vertical Batten Slide Gate