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  • Optional extra on Panelift® Icon™ and Panelift® garage door
  • Made using ThermaSilver™
  • Acts as a two way noise barrier
  • Provides greater cushioning capacity to reduce operation noise

Enjoy the benefits of insulation

If you are serious about insulating your house, we recommend that you also consider your garage door.
The Insul-Shield™ is an optional extra that offers exceptional insulation technology and represents the smart choice for homeowners.

The Insul-Shield™ is only available on the Panelift Icon garage door and Panelift garage door.

What’s unique about Insul-Shield™

Insul-Shield™ is made using ThermaSilver™ – an innovative quality, graphite embedded EPS material which provides up to 20% more insulation compared to conventional EPS. ThermaSilver™ is strong, durable and unaffected by humidity.

An efficient sealing system that maximises your insulation benefits

Seals fitted to the full perimeter of the door, eliminates gaps to help prevent weather, dust, insects and debris entering. Helps to prevent hot air and draft from entering or escaping. Helps to keep your garage space clean and comfortable. Jamb and Lintel seals are co-extruded using both soft and rigid PVC material to achieve maximum sealing performance.

Internal appearance is equally important

Our in-line wheels and tracks, factory fitted internal hinging system and fully enclosed stiles with White or Grey backing sheet provide a clean, uncluttered appearance on the inside of the door. Note, White is only available on Panelift Icon.

Unlock your garage to enjoy freedom, flexibility, peace & quiet

Whether you live on a busy road, near a train station, or simply want the freedom to use your garage around the clock, insulating your garage door is the smart choice.

Insul-shield™ acts as a two way noise barrier. Helps to keep out undesirable noise for a noticeably quieter garage and helps to contain noise within the garage when compared to a non-insulated door.

Insul-Shield™ provides greater cushioning capacity that helps absorb noise impact, so great for that stray soccer ball where kids are playing nearby.