Tips to Install Safe Garage Doors

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Tips to Install Safe Garage Doors

Garage door is one of the first things people notice when they walk up to your house. It increases curb appeal. It is also a valuable asset that adds security items you store in it. Garage doors provide usability, security, and functionality which can also pose a safety risk. In order to keep the garage and garage door itself safe and proper to use, proper knowledge of functions and purpose are needed to avoid danger when used improperly. Be sure to follow these tips on how to make sure garage doors you install is safe so you can enjoy the security and appeal they offer and avoid the hazards.

Regular Inspections

One of the most important things to consider after you install the garage door is to complete regular inspection, at least once a month to make sure your garage door does not cause-related injuries. Inspections include taking a look around the gears, cables, and tools to ensure everything is working like how it’s supposed to be. It also includes opening and closing garage door multiple times to ensure the door moves properly.

Put Garage Door Opener Away from Children

Avoid any serious injuries to children by putting away garage door opener so they won’t be able to play with it. Children can get very curious and explorative of things. Take time to explain why they can’t play with the opener and that it could accidentally hurt someone to help them recognize to help themselves and their family safe. You can also remove all ropes, hooks, and other materials from the garage to prevent these materials catching on a child’s clothing or pet’s collar, causing danger.

Starting a Car in Open Garage

Taking steps ahead to prevent deadly buildup relates to proper ventilation in the garage. Before starting a car, it is highly recommended to open the garage door to avoid possible danger poisoning from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and other hazard components emitted from vehicles which can be harmful breathing in it. With having a garage door open, it allows air to free flow and not just buildup inside the garage.

Watch your Fingers between Gaps, Holes, or Section Joints

To open garage door manually, which comes with tracks and open holes, extra caution is needed to be careful with your fingers. Watch your fingers, and your children’s, to not get stuck between any gap, hole, or section joint because it can cause serious injury. Closing the holes using duct tape might be the best idea to avoid potential danger. Use the door handle when opening the garage door or install an electric garage door opener.

Don’t Go Under a Moving Garage Door

Trying to rush down under the moving door to avoid walking around the house to get inside or outside the house is a big no. The possibility of getting crushed is terrible. Under any situation, never ever go under a closing or moving garage door even if you’re racing it, not worth risking your life.

Hire a Pro

Installing a safe garage door is not easy to do it yourself since it needs the proper safety procedures. Autolift with 42 glorious years of business and counting, offers safe garage door installation and fix to any garage door problem in Sydney. Get in touch with us for any inquiries.

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