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RV-LogoStrap-250-x-150Landscaping, furniture, plants, stonework all let down by an ugly garage door. Not anymore. Rolling View transforms rolling garage doors with a unique retrofitted screen printed with an image of choice from an extensive image library. The screen attaches seamlessly to the existing door without any damage, extending and retracting with it. The result is a complete contrast from dull, industrial metalwork, to an inspiring outlook, providing maximum visual impact and unimpaired door functionality.

The backyards of a large number of urban Australian homes also double as a parking spot, these are typically accessed by a rear laneway to the property by way of a rolling garage door. In many instances the garage door forms the main outlook from the back of the house, so people’s view is dominated by an uninspiring industrial style rolling shutter.

Rolling View was developed to overcome exactly this. The inventor, Hal Caldwell, moved into a new family home full of excitement at the possibilities, but dismayed at the primary outlook – a battle grey ridged large garage door. Plants, furniture and screens were all implemented to improve the view, but they just didn’t fit the bill visually or from an accessibility point of view, and so Rolling View was born.

‘We’re so excited to be able to launch Rolling View in Australia as a world first. We just can’t wait to see the idea coming to life, bringing smiles to people’s faces as we transform their outlooks.’  said Founding Partner and inventor Hal Caldwell.

Now Hal’s wife Clare is bringing the patented idea to a commercial reality along with long time friend and digital print guru Ben Eaton of Starleaton Digital Solutions.

Rolling View is a patented, retrofitable add-on screen to the existing garage door where an internally sprung awning tube is mounted directly beneath the rolled garage door, suspended on either side by Rolling View brackets that clamp, without damage, to the vertical tracks that guide the door. The awning tube has a printed PVC perforated fabric screen rolled on to it, the base edge of which is then attached to the bottom of the roller door by way of eyelets which attach to additional Rolling View Base Hooks. The result is that the printed blind rolls up and down with the door without restricting it’s functionality whilst masking the utilitarian metal with a printed image of the resident’s preference.

It is also important to note that all parts of a Rolling View attach and detach without damage to the existing door.

Double Up and Projection Screen

For those who want multiple backdrops, the Rolling View Double Up features two screens to allow for more than one choice of image or even a blank secondary option to be used as a projection screen. Not only will people now be able to improve their view, they can now turn their yard into a home theatre for the big game barbie, movie night or just an ambient night time backdrop.

How do you get one, or more…

Through our exclusive partnership with Autolift Garage Doors and Gates, customers will be able to self-serve or leave everything to the professionals. After measuring your door you just head to and select your image from a huge gallery of more than 700 pics, with categories as diverse as Landscapes, Architecture, Transport, Water and Textures. Once selected you enter your door dimensions and select if you want a Mono, Double Up with 2 images, or a projection screen.

Commercial & Exterior Application

With door widths of up to 6.5m Rolling View will not only transform homes, but also commercial premises, inside and out. Rolling Views not only improve the inside of a garage door, but wrapping over the top of a door provides a unique branding or promotional canvas for the business held within, extending customer reach after hours. All of this without impairing the key function of the garage door, moving up and down effortlessly allowing full door functionality.


  • Max size 6.5m wide x as high as you want
  • Printed on PVC mesh fabric with direct Australian sunlight UV safe inks (5 years no fade)
  • Stainless steel Rolling View brackets
  • Outdoor grade galvanised steel, internally sprung, tubing

Available exclusively through Autolift Garage Doors and Gates

Click Here – For more information or to visit the Rolling View website